Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities Prosthesis Project


Keep Walking Association (KWA) is a non-profit French Organization established in June 2015 to assist persons with disabilities in Dominica to acquire assistive aids, appliances and devices with a local partner Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD).


One of the founders is Marc Helie, a French national and a right leg amputee, who spent half of the year in Méro, Dominica since 2011. He became a member of DAPD in April 2015. Other Directors of KWA are his brother Boris Helie, himself a right leg amputee, and Benoît Ledez, an arm amputee and hemiplegic.


KWA entered into a partnership with a French company named Orthopedie Bontoux, whereby donations of orthopedics and prosthetic materials, wheelchairs, walking sticks, walkers, and parts needed for these devices will be built, sourced and presented to Dominicans with Disabilities.


Orthopedie Bontoux has also agreed to train Dominicans in the manufacturing of prostheses. The first Prosthesis Project was conducted from November 25-December 3, 2015 by two professional prosthetic technicians from the Company, Mr. Pariat Baptiste and Mr. Mancis François.


A temporary laboratory workshop was set up in Méro where they manufactured, adjusted, and equipped prostheses for five (5) persons and repaired prosthesis for two (2) other persons. Two (2) persons acquired training under this project. They can now offer to amputees with prosthetic limbs follow-up and maintenance right here on the island. The expenses incurred for this initial project was mainly financed by the young association KWA founders and by Orthopédie Bontoux, who, due to Tropical Storm Erika, assumed part of the cost which was initially assigned to DAPD. The referenced funds sponsored:

  • 2 prosthetic technician experts from France to Dominica;

  • the prosthetic technicians from Guadeloupe to Dominica;

  • 2 volunteers from Guadeloupe to Dominica and transportation of materials not found in Dominica;

  • Rental of the workshop in Méro;

The five (5) beneficiaries of this initial project were:

  1. Silious Charles from Coulibistrie

  2. Caryl Mitchell from Morne Prosper

  3. Claralyn Ismael from Canefield

  4. Rennix Jno-Charles from Salisbury

  5. Christopher Rolle from Trafalgar

All materials, tools and equipment for the first project were provided by the Company and donated to DAPD at the conclusion of the training to be utilized in future projects. DAPD’s contribution included cost of transportation for some beneficiaries to and from the workshop during the week.


During their two (2) months stay in Dominica, Marc and Benoit visited and identified eighteen (18) other amputees in need of intervention.


Contact Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities at e-mail for more information.

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