Council of Canadians with Disabilities


Founded in 1976, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) advocates at the federal level to improve the lives of men and women with disabilities in Canada, by eliminating inequality and discrimination. CCD's members include national, regional and local advocacy organizations that are controlled by persons with disabilities.  CCD is a team of people with disabilities, deeply committed to the principles of self-help and consumer advocacy. We work for the human rights of all people with disabilities in Canada and around the globe.


  • Citizenship: People with disabilities have the same rights and responsibilities as Canadians without disabilities. Socially made barriers which prevent our participation and discriminate against us must be eliminated.

  • Consumer control: People with disabilities must be involved in all stages of the development of disability services and policies and in all decision-making that affects our lives.

  • Equality: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees equal benefit and protection under the law and prohibits discrimination based upon physical or mental disability. All legislation must conform to the demands of the Charter.

  • Universal Design: The built environment should be designed to be usable by people with various disabilities.

  • Protecting Human Rights: Campaigning for a UN Convention on the human rights of people with disabilities.


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